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Ticket #24 - Link Removing Request

Créé le vendredi 24 février 2017 par David H

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Hello Admin,

Hope this email finds you well, i am writing on behalf of LogoGlaze.

I would like to request if you could remove my website’s link from your website. The is already deleted but its still appearing on your RSS feed, Kindly remove it.

Some example URLS :

Company Name : Logo Glaze


Kindly look into this matter.

Your earliest response would be highly appreciated.


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  • Le 24 février 2017 à 09:49, par b_b En réponse à : Link Removing Request

    Hi David, this page is a RSS aggregator that is just showing automatically the content present in feeds published elsewhere.

    Why do you ask us to remove this content ? Are you the author of the original comment (or should i say spam) that was published on ?

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