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Add / delete a moderator for a list

If you have the administrator rights for a mailing list and this list is moderated, you can add other users as moderator in order to share the tasks on the mailing list you manage.

Add a moderator

To do that, simply go to the web interface manager list and identify you.

Then select the list to which you want to add the moderator, for example via the tab "List of Lists" or via the list in the left column if you are subscribed to this list.

On the list page, click on "Admin" in the navigation column and then on the "Edit List Config" tab.

Il suffit ensuite de cliquer sur le lien "Définition de la liste".

Sur cette page, rendez vous au niveau du cadre "Modérateurs".

Indiquez au moins l’adresse email et le nom du nouveau modérateur dans les chams vide de ce bloc et validez le formulaire en bas de la page.

Le nom du nouveau modérateur devrait apparaître dans le premier bloc de la navigation de la liste.

Then just click on the "List definition" link

On this page, scroll until the box "Moderators".

Enter at least the email address and name of the new moderator in the empty fields of this block and submit the form at the bottom of the page.

The name of the new moderator should appear in the first block of navigation in the list.

NB : if you wish to add more moderators, you have to perform the same action several times.

Remove a moderator

To remove a moderator, just go to the same configuration page and then delete the information fields for the moderator you want to delete.

The name of the former moderator should disappear from the list in the first block of the navigation.

You can delete several moderators at the same time.

Note following the addition of moderator

After adding a moderator to a mailing list, the administrators of the list (owners) do not receive emails notifying the arrival of new emails to moderate.

A user can be both administrator and moderator of the list, to do that, simply add the email of the administrator in both cases.

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